Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Beautiful Bride and Groom to be...

Jace and McKenzie were Married on July 31st.  I will add the pics of their wedding day when I get a hold of some.  For now, enjoy some of their gorgeous Bridals

I Hope They Call Me On A Mission!

Elder Nye arrives in Lyon France, although by the time this posts he will be in St-Etienne  where he will serve in his first area.  

Elder Nye's arrival at the airport in Lyon with
President and Sister Roney.

Beautiful day in France for a new missionary. Love
that happy faced elder, ready to serve.
Elder Nye and Elder Faatomo - his new companion and trainer.  In the email we received from the mission office these two were called the largest elders in the mission! They are definitely tall, don't know about large, though. :)

Love and prayers to all serving the Lord and doing His work!

Friday, August 9, 2013

It was the best of was the worst of times.

My feelings about summertime are really something of ambivalence:

I love the weather/I don't like the extreme heat.
I love the flexibility of routines and schedules/I don't like the feeling of being disconnected or "out of control" with schedules.
I enjoy gardening and love the produce and yard/I don't like the weeding, pruning, etc.
I love going places and doing things with family/I don't like the challenges of PREPARING for those fun things.

As I write this I am realizing that all the things I love about summer are really worth the less pleasant parts that go along with them. I should also say...I think this current summer has been the best of recent years and yet,  it involves sending four of our five children off into the world of adulthood, which for this Mom was particularly difficult.  But what a wonderful whirlwind of life it's been. It's hard to believe that just one year ago all seven of us live together under one roof. Having four of these "kids" over the age of eighteen at that time, we could imagine and hope for the day when each would fly the nest (should we push them out?!) But little did we know they would each leave with happy hopes and dreams for a bright future within six short months of each other.

How it all began:

AARON 26 - January 2013  Aaron headed south for a new job opportunity working at The Green Polka Dot Box in Spanish Fork.  He found an apartment within a few days and moved to Orem.  I have loved seeing him go out and learn new things, gaining skill and confidence.  And I always enjoy the occasional greeting, "Hi Mom,  thought you might like to try_______ (insert any number of "green" foods)

CECILY 21 - We're Gettin' Hitched!  Cecily and Caleb were married on June 15th and we had a most wonderful day with the event of their marriage and reception.  Wow what a lot of work AND how wonderful. It's great to have them living nearby, just a few miles away.  Far enough for independence near enough to see them often. Cec is an amazing new wife.  I love seeing her navigate the roles of working woman, wife, chef, housekeeper and friend.  She does it so well, with Caleb, the love of her life of course.

BRAD 19 - or rather...Elder Nye now.  He has been hoping "they call me on a mission" for a long time.  He was at BYU on a well earned running scholarship when the new missionary age guidelines were brought forth.  He continued at BYU for the year, received his call to the France Lyon Mission and on June 26th he entered the Provo MTC.  Today we received word from the mission office that he will serve in St-Etienne.  He is so good and to say that he has grown a lot wouldn't begin to describe how hard he has worked and how much he's been blessed.

JACE 28 - We're Gettin' Hitched!  Yes,  Jace and McKenzie chose July 31st to join in marriage.  We have been so happy to welcome McKenzie into our family.  They are a so good to and for each other.  I don't know of many couples who close on a home loan, buy a new car and get married all within a few days!  (the car part was due to M's car accident which totalled the car and it was a necessity to get the car or they would not have been in the market at that time!) Congratulations you two athletes!

So that leaves the Lone Ranger Kid - LAUREN 13  She is not excited about all her siblings going on and leaving her behind.  But she did say the other day, "Does't the youngest child always get spoiled? hint-hint.  I daresay there may be a few trips and some quality parent time that may ease her burden!  She also said, when asked by Jace if she would be okay when every one was gone (note:Mom and Dad are still around) with a sweet smile..."If they give me my peace"  So, not much peace I guess, with dishes and dinner time with parents,etc., etc. She is my buddy and I love her dearly. And she has ballet.

Summer is nearing it's end, at least I am anticipating this as we prepare for school and the more quiet day-to-day life.  I can say honestly that this summer has been the best.  So much love and happiness, rolled up with some difficult moments.  I wouldn't want it to be any different.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Fun Story!

"Let me tell you a funny story"! Those were the words our sixteen year old Brad said to his date, Kaz the Monday night before Homecoming. He had some 'splaining to do!  A story I will, to the best of my ability, try and 'splain now. To begin...

Wednesday night, 10 days before Davis High's Homecoming, Brad announced that he had changed his mind, he - was, rather than not, asking someone to Homecoming.  Turns out that all his friends from the XC team were asking friends/girls from the XC team and were going as a big, fun group.  He had decided to ask a nice girl with the help of his friend Anni - which they did all on their own because Cecily and I were happily occupied with the full time missionaries and our new friend, Ali, in our home that night.  Brad and Anni made a Candy-Gram poster and then took it to the intended date's home - dropped it off and then made sure it was picked up at the door step....which it was, by a very quizzical looking father.  Anni then texted the intended date something to the effect of, "did you just get something at your door?" and she texted back,  "Yes - :)"  (smiley face)  Mission accomplished!  Or was it?! 

The next day at school, the drama unfolded.  A very big FAUX PAX had indeed been committed.  Brad had taken the invitation to the wrong house, wrong street in fact!  The humorous thing was,  his intended date had been asked by another XC team member about that very time - but at the RIGHT house.  Hence the Yes and smiley face text to Anni the night before.  So, as should be, Brad was graciously turned down for the Homecoming dance...until, Monday night when he received a "Yes, I 'ld love to" answer at our door from... well, WHO?!  He didn't even think about the possibly of an eligible young woman at the home he had taken the invite to (remember the quizzical looking father?)  And,  turns out he did not write the intended name on his invite, just that it was from himself,  Brad - the boy who...

1. Took the invite to the wrong house
2. Did not address it with a name
3. Did not return to said wrong house to clear up his mistake (other than being awkward, a random Dad
   got a great random Candy-Gram treat! - good deal!)   Yes, we all, (Brad) learned some things here.

Well, with a little work he found out the name of his unknown date, a beautiful and gracious girl named Kaz.  She was quite surprised to see him at her door that Monday night  - but not as surprised as she was a few days earlier to receive an invitation to Homecoming a bit late and from a guy she had never heard of.  Let's just say, they had a great time finishing off a "funny story".  Two cute kids having fun with a date neither had met, or even heard of, before that fateful night at the wrong house on the wrong street!

Love these kids -what a fun time had by all!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Charleston pics

Jennefer and Bert's Daniel Island home

The amazing Avenue of Oaks at Boone Hall Plantation
The Big House, as it's called - but not the original house
Looking out from within the  slave quarters at Boone Hall.
The cotton-gin house at Boone Hall - no buildings over 100 years can be torn down.  It's the law!

Oh so lovely in the wind!

Southern Hospitality

Today for breakfast I made grits. Yes, Quaker's enriched white hominy, cooks in about 5 minutes, smooth and creamy grits! It was a tasty way to start another busy day.  Brad enjoyed it as he would his Cream of Wheat - with brown sugar, milk and raspberries but as for me, I ate mine the way Jennefer fixed them in Charleston - with butter, salt and pepper, yum! Got me thinking about that wonderful May trip to the beautiful state of South Carolina with Mom and Livona to visit Jen. A girl's trip!
We had the greatest time...
  • looking for alligators in the ponds (saw none -darn it!)
  • eating pecan pralines
  • touring around Historic Charleston
  • dipping our toes in the Atlantic
  • eating the BEST fish and chips
  • attending church and Relief Society Conference
  • taking walks along the beautiful trails by the Ashley River
  • driving to Kingstree to lookup old family records at the court house
  • shopping at a random Piggly Wiggly! and eating banana puddin' and black beans and rice
  • eating Charleston Chews (and thinking of Dad)
  • visiting Boone Hall Plantation 
  • seeing endless/gorgeous trees and greenery that South Carolina has to offer
  • talking, laughing, reminiscing, laughing, talking and...sleeping :)
  • Bert and Jen are gracious and entertaining hosts - the best
 Maybe (if my dratted computer will allow) I will post pics of this fun - what wonderful memories were made!

Loves, Colleen

Friday, July 30, 2010

Another first - pics!

Here are the pics to go along with my post of "firsts"
First canned beans from our very own garden
Ready for Cecily's big day at Weber

Lauren's first embroidery project

Well, my picture posting skills are lacking, most seriously - today's are all a jumble but i'll get better...with a little help from my friends, 'er children!